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It is nice that you are interested in our work!

Now, as the registered trademark "wjk-Software" suggests, we see our main task in creating individual software. In our networked age, this means that these applications usually have to be mapped on the Internet (Web applications). With the ever-increasing number of smartphones, but also that so-called "Mobile Applications" are demanded.

However, special applications are still running on the computer, so the desire for "Desktop Applications" continues to be met.

We create all of this and much more in the professional development environment of "Microsoft". In this context, the "MS Visual Studio" refers to many components that do not originate from the company itself. But found their place in special niches and are now used in this environment because of their special suitability.

We use all these techniques to solve the problems of our costumers.


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Project Management


Project management plays a rather important role in our project series.

In many smaller projects, the reality is that we have to deliver everything from business analysis, through the offer, project management and development, if necessary.

In our larger projects the structures were clearly regulated differently.

Walter Kohl has summarized many details on his page. Please read on there.

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Joomla LogoBorn out of necessity, we started with this page to deal with basic frameworks of web pages, which allow to build websites in a modular system and to give them a certain functionality. We have to take this up, as many of our Thai customers simply do not have the means to develop individual websites. Since there has been no "wjk-software" site so far, we use it as a test page to test the environment on a live system.

The CMS system "Joomla" serves as a basis for us. Have read and tried a lot of things and put it to the test. What we have seen so far has shown us that we are right. The system is very flexible and is ready for use with many basic functions (user and role system, for example). However, what we also had to realize was that even if you only want minor deviations from the "Joomla standard", you have to dive deep into the layers of PHP, MySQL, HTML, and CSS in order to implement changes.

However, what we were able to reconcile are many modules (extensions) that can be integrated into the system relatively easily. However, it is a Moravia that they are free of charge. Everything that we saw and see and come close to our desires must be paid for or you only get slimmed down versions (respectively nothing),